TAIL is a short film that explores trauma through a layer of absurdity. When Tilly wakes up one day with a tail, she and her roommate Rachel must work together to unravel the truth behind it. Ultimately this is a story about coming to terms with those things which seem impossible to face.

GIRLY is an upcoming autobiographical docufiction exploring ‘girly’ films and the way they informed my understanding of femininity while I was growing up. It will be a deep dive into one of the few genres in which femininity is an overt and foundational element, and an examination of how my connection to the feminine has evolved. This is a teaser trailer I made for the project while in lockdown, and I am currently working on the full-length script.

Studies is a selection from my second reel of Super 8mm, shot using my Nizo 148. It is made up of some collected moments from trips to Paris and Lytham St Annes.

Benson is a short film I directed in my last year of university. It was made on a very limited budget by a team of mostly women and non-binary filmmakers. Benson is a meditation on friendship, grief and the lost creations of childhood. It explores female friendship, adolescence and interiority from an absurdly funny perspective. It was nominated for Best Screenplay and received a special commendation at Swindon Independent Film Festival 2020. It was also selected for Wigan & Leigh Film Festival 2020.

The River Close By is a short film made up of vignettes of two friends exploring and talking about London. 

First Takes is a montage of short clips taken from my first reel of Super 8mm film. It was shot over a period of months with my Nizo 148.